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In Brno on the boards that mean life!
boyfriend, Me

This is a project of the theater group I am involved in at my University. We act in German and we have been accept with our latest play called “Goethe im Examen” to a festival called ”VIII. Internationalen Studententheaterfestival in deutscher Sprache (22.- 26. April 2015) der Drehbühne Brno”. Our costs for staying there and performing are covered by the festival, but our travel costs are not. We need around 200€ pro person i.e. 2200€ all in all to cover those costs.

This is part of my dream and the dream of my group as well. Please, anyone who can, help. Even the smallest donation will be of use. In return if anyone is in Macedonian (or in Brno) when we are preforming the play, they will get free entrance.

Also if you could share for anyone in your circle that'd be interested to donate, it would be great!

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